[CQ-Contest] Another way to look at "daylight"

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If we are referring to live time posting during the contest,  both types of
people can be accommodated.  If you're the type that does wants to push
himself/herself to do as well as you can and don't want to see the scores,
then be a participant of live time posting so that your score is available
to those who are interested in seeing the real time scores.  But don't look
at the scoring yourself. Surely we can configure a show/don't show switch
into the software.  


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I have not read all the current thread on real-time score posting (actually,
this one is "Return of the Bride of the Son of the Thread ...").  However,
I'd like to offer a thought for consideration.

Which is a better measure of your personal fortitude/drive: that you will
work harder to beat somebody; or that you will push yourself to do as well
as you can, even if you don't know how the other people are doing?

Lots of ways to look at life, and I'll bet you'd get a lot of different

73, Art K3KU
"If they gave points for having fun, I'd win every time." 
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