[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

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Mon Oct 10 09:00:24 EDT 2005

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N7MAL at CITLINK.NET writes:

The  participant's real-time logs and DX Packet-Cluster spots are fed into 
some  computer with some special software. The software will be 'smart' enough 
to  read the spots and the logs, in real-time. 

Mal, that sounds great..but, I believe most packet-cheats are smart enough  
to NOT follow the spots as they come up. What if a guy is SO2R, & is always  
tuning up & down the band, & as the new stations show up, he hears them  & works 
them. Now, the 'special software" thinks he was following packet  spots, but, 
in reality, he was just using good operating techniques, &  listening. 
Obviously, if 5 new stations are spotted, on 3 different bands, &  the cheater works 
the same five, yeah, you could make a case that he was indeed  cheating. 
As always, I am a proponent of eliminating the assisted category, let  
everyone use packet if they wish. Its a tool available for all hams, just like  big 
towers, SO2R and $12k rigs. You can be as competitive as the wallet allows,  
just like ANY other hobby/sport. I do a little bit of drag racing, I don't 
spend  a ton of $$ on the car, I don't win much, but I have fun. I also have 
another  muscle car that I take to car shows that I restored, I didn't put a ton of 
$$  into it, I don't win my class much compared to the guys that have 
mega-bucks  show cars, but, I have fun. I also contest form a small station with low  
antennas. I don't win much, but, dangit, I have fun. 
Just my .2 cents worth.....
73-Chuck KI9A

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