[CQ-Contest] contest recording

Federico J. Baldi federico_baldi at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Oct 11 20:20:50 EDT 2005

El mar, 11-10-2005 a las 14:33 -0600, NØTA -- Russ Kaelberer escribió:
> From Tips and tricks page: 
> · Recording is done at 11025 Hz, 8 bit, mono (30 seconds = 250 kB, maximum 30 MB/hour).
> Recording uses about 1 GB per 24 hours (40−50 MB per hour). There are programs which can compress these wav files to MP3 files but if this can be done at the same time when giving CQ depends a lot on the computer used. A clunker will surely not do it. There is of course the possibility to do this after the contest. Enough harddisk space during the contest is necessary.

You can try the Ogg Vorbis compression codec that is better than mp3.



And programs like SOX to record an compress in background, in linux it's
easy cake, just a script.

73, fede.

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