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>From Tips and tricks page: 

· Recording is done at 11025 Hz, 8 bit, mono (30 seconds = 250 kB, maximum 30 MB/hour).

Recording uses about 1 GB per 24 hours (40−50 MB per hour). There are programs which can compress these wav files to MP3 files but if this can be done at the same time when giving CQ depends a lot on the computer used. A clunker will surely not do it. There is of course the possibility to do this after the contest. Enough harddisk space during the contest is necessary.

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I´m woundering about how much HD space that might
be needed to record a 48 hour contest, N1MM or WL
I know it depends on how many Q´s one makes but if
someone with experience just could give some ball
park figures.

73 Jim SM2EKM

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