[CQ-Contest] Competing in the Daylight

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Wed Oct 12 07:19:54 EDT 2005

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Also, if the new station worked is less 
than x kHz away (let's say 2) it would not be considered a hit
. Perhaps a good idea if the band is crowded, like 40 meters at the start of 
the contest.  However, not a good idea at other times.  For instance, the band 
is just opening on 10 meters while I am running on 15.  I am going to be 
picking up lots of mults strong stations on my second radio.  Since there are not 
too many stations coming through yet, and the band is big, there will be lots 
of kHz between each station I work.  Using your method, I may look like a 

By the way, I never use packet for contesting.  That is one reason I don't 
operate the WAE anymore.  Because DARC couldn't control the dirtbag packet 
cheaters, everybody has to use packet.  I have several of the "license plates" for 
winning in the 90's and really enjoyed the QTC aspect.  But, since DARC 
refuses to have a separate class for non-packet, I am QRT for WAE.

Bill K4XS

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