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Wed Oct 12 10:25:23 EDT 2005


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>Concerning making logs available for public review, is there a 
> person, or site, to which one can send a log to be posted for 
>public consumption  after the log submission deadline?

There are a few individuals collecting logs already for databases.
Those databases are free.
Maybe also the logs could be free?

>It would be very easy to just enter such a second address when 
>emailing in  a log.  It would also be much easier to be able 
>to go to a single site  to look at various logs for various 
>contests,  without having  to know where any particular person 
>posts his  logs.

There will be a variety of these if it is the one collecting logs for
databases here.

>Such a site would not require contest sponsors to take any 
>action, or  to worry about getting permission to make logs 
>public.  However, we  contesters would be free to make any 
>inferences about those who did  not. 

We are good at that !

>73  -  Jim   K8MR 

Jukka OH6LI

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