[CQ-Contest] Domestic Contest Spots/Cheating

Thu Oct 13 03:10:18 EDT 2005

What an interesting posting Ken. In a single posting you validated what I said about my participation in the contest and the fact that I had been spotted several times on the cluster. You then proceeded to make the majority of the rest of your posting about you and your effort.
Unfortunately and sadly, very sadly, Ken you managed to get some facts mixed-up. Because you got your facts mixed-up I am going to show you, and others, exactly how well I have last years SS documented.
N2IC Steve in New Mexico posted this information:
W6ZZZ      3563.1 N7MAL                                     0430 07 Nov 2004
It is a copy of a spot during the SS showing at 0430Z W6ZZZ spotted me on my run freq.

At 0436Z I worked K6LA on 3563, he sent me number 628 and I sent K6LA my number 262.
Ken submitted his log as a 'B'(single op).
Ken in his own words claimed to have not worked me.
Yet he did work me and worked me a few minutes after I was spotted, what an amazing set of coincidences...!!...(also the QSO is confirmed on LOTW)
I never did any S&P on 75m only a run freq.

I'm not accusing Ken of anything. Ken has been around a long time and is an excellent contester. He shows up in my master logbook 15 times in many various and different contests since the year 2000. He doesn't need packet spots to find and work me 300 miles  away.  OOOORRRR

This is exactly why I won't publish names and callsigns........................................

MAL         N7MAL
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  Mal, N7MAL, complained about being worked by stations in the single op
  category after his station was spotted in SS & NAQP. In his post he stated
  "If it happened once, or maybe even twice, it might be coincidence but over
  several contests it is no longer coincidence but cheating."

  While watching the Angels/White Sox game I compiled the following statistics
  from 2001 - 2005 regarding ALL of N7MAL's reported operations from the ARRL
  web site, the CQ-CONTEST 3830 archives and DX Summit:

  YEAR/Contest      QSOs     Spots

  04 CW SS            477            5
  03 CW SS            309            3
  02 CW SS            367            3
  01 PH SS              77             0
  01 CW SS            220            0

  05 CW NAQP        360            1
  04 CW NAQP        492            1

  I would note the following:

  1. In each contest I made considerably more QSOs and was spotted fewer
  times. Why is this significant? Because, especially in SS, and especially on
  Sunday, "new blood" is much desired. I know I am constantly tuning the 2nd
  radio looking for "new blood." Every serious SS competitor is doing the same
  thing. Given, generally, in the last few years only 2 bands have significant
  activity, if you are SO2R, you are tuning just one band. You will find a new
  station relatively quickly without cheating.
  2. If I hear a pileup - or see one on the bandscope, it attracts my
  attention, without the use of packet.
  3. There is a category of Unlimited in SS. That is a single op assisted
  category. It is becoming more popular and those single ops DO get to jump on
  packet spots legally. Spots of "new blood" gets attention from this
  4. The sample size of spots about which N7MAL is complaining is VERY small.
  However, given the small sample size, if the same single op station worked
  N7MAL in 2002, 2003 and 2004 within a few minutes of his being spotted, it
  would raise my eyebrows.
  5. In checking my own logs, I see I worked N7MAL in 2001 when he had zero
  spots. I didn't work N7MAL in 2002, 2003 or 2004. Guess I wasn't tuning the
  2nd radio hard enough.

  73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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