[CQ-Contest] HF/VHF+ Contest Logging Software - Request for Info

robert_shapiro@cox.net robert_shapiro at cox.net
Fri Oct 14 12:55:49 EDT 2005

The W3SO contest station is currently seeking advice on contest software.  
Currently, W3SO utilizes CT for Limited-Multi operations in the ARRL January, 
June and September contests, the CQ VHF contest in July, the various VHF+ 
sprints and some HF contesting to include the Pennsylvania QSO Party.  The 
computers at W3SO currently run DOS and are networked via Ethernet.  The W3SO 
crew is not satisfied with the current configuration and wishes to explore 

The requirements for W3SO are as follows:

•	ARRL and CQ VHF contests to include ease of handling QSOs with rovers.
•	HF contests to include the Pennsylvania QSO Party
•	Windows or Windows-like operating system
•	Easy and reliable networking for up to 6 station positions
•	CW keying
•	Digital Voice Keying (if possible)
•	Minimization of cost (secondary to above requirements)

Please provide feedback to directly to me at Robert_Shapiro at cox.net.  I will 
then provide a summary upon completion of the survey.

Thanks, Rob  ND3A

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