[CQ-Contest] Piexx USB Interface to Icom CIV

ku8e@bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 14 13:46:08 EDT 2005

   Anyone have any experience using the CIVUSB interface that is made by Piexx ??

   I had bought a CT-17 which ended up being DOA and returned it for a refund. I have
   since found out you can build an inexpensive Icom CIV interface using a MAX232 chip.
   I was getting ready to order the parts when I ran into this on the Piexx webpage.


   This got me thinking that it would be nice to use a USB port for radio control for my
   IC756PRO and the I can still use my existing COM port for the TS850S interface I 
   already have.

    The price is good too ...  Only $59 vs $120 for a new CT17.

    73, Jeff  KU8E

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