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I think  catching the "cheaters" is
really a secondary aside  anyway

This sums it up, folks.  Look, a cheater, is a cheater. If you foil  him by 
doing something with real-time scoring. then he will cheat another way.  Maybe 
enter the QRP class with 25 watts. Or the low power class with 200 watts.  or, 
the high power class with 2k watts ( or more). Or even entering the  
tribander/single element class with monobanders and bobtail curtains.
Time to remember this IS a hobby for the majority of us contesters...yes, I  
understand many have tons of money & time invested in the stations, so,  
before I get flamed for the above statement, when was the last time anyone  
competed for anything other than a piece of paper ( or wood )?? Time to lighten  up, 
do what we can to put peer pressure on suspected cheats, & remember we  WILL 
loose a TON of guys if some contests require real-time logging. I have a  rough 
enough time connecting to echolink, I can't imagine trying to connect to  an 
online leader board!! ;-) Heck, that might be enough of a PITA (acronym,  
think about it) for me pull the plug.
This thread is getting old, I'll be up 5kc waiting for some real posts  about 
73-Chuck KI9A

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