[CQ-Contest] Domestic Contest Spots/Cheating

Guy Molinari guy_molinari at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 14 18:40:25 EDT 2005

I don't think anyone is proposing anything mandatory.   It would just
provide an additional set of data points for the contest organizing

Casual ops are just as 'important' as the 'players'.

No final results or conclusions.

Those who opt not to be part of the scoreboard postings could

I see 3 classes of participants:

1)  The players who are competitive and the wannabees like me who will 
2)  The casual contesters and spectators who would like to view the 
scoreboard and not post.
3)  The casual contesters who just give out points and make Q's.   They 
might not even
     submit a log at all or even care that the scoreboard exists.

I think the whole contesting experience will be enhanced for everyone.   
Directly and indirectly.




The recent, various discussions amongst the gathering on packett use/abuse,
cheating, and "competing in the daylight" have been interesting and even

But... before you big-guns all go hog-wild into designing new systems and
implementing rules changes, and especially making the real-time logging
systems proposed virtually mandatory, you'd better give some serious concern
and consideration regarding us little pistols out there.

I have been, unfortunately, relagated to virtually a bare minum of contest
operating the last few years, due to one thing and another.  When I have the
time available to participate in a major or minor contest, be it DX or
domestic, I have to carefully plan -- and find a shack to borrow (at least
until I have a QTH of my own again, one day, which is another story).  If I
have to further complicate that search by having to find one that requires a
high-speed internet connection, which then either has installed the proper
hardware/software for the "daylight" real time logging, or worse have to
come up with that on my own... then you can probably count me out.

Or to put it another way, make it too complicated for me to casually
operate, and I won't.

And I won't be the only one.

Can you really afford to chase away the casual operator for the sake of
trying to catch the very small handful of alleged cheaters?  Isn't there
another way?

73, ron wn3vaw

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