[CQ-Contest] D4B QRT

Alexander Teimurazov at at at-communication.com
Sat Oct 15 03:22:04 EDT 2005

                 Dear Contesters,
 I like to thanks everyone of you 
 After my announcing of QRT I get lot of very kind e-mails from my friends 
 I like to give my special thanks to Jim N6TJ for describing some of the reasons why I go qrt
 I still get lot of letters with that question 
 I like to inform you that I have many reason to do that and really dont know which one is most important 
 I comeback to contesting after quite a long break and in 2002 I start to build the station in D4 
 Start is august and in october with a help of my friends I get a chance to start parcipicate in the contest
 Its great fun to make so many qsos in contest and outside of the contest with you my friends 
 On the same time there is lot of things which not give me really fun 
 Level of the friendship (with my opinion) is go down 
 There is more people cheating in the contests 
 There is no way to stop cheater but I dont think we need to support cheaters 
 Im very sorry that when I back I find that many contests committees become like elite clubs with own rules own decisions and not caring about opinion of contesters
 Quite often I see that people is looking to call somebody enemy
 I hear from many top contesters that enemy is CQ Magazine and W2VU,K2MGA
 I have my personnal experience in relationship with Richard W2VU and I can say we have very good relationship with him before its not connected to radioamateur bosses from CQ WW CC 
 With my opinion problem is that contest community is quired 
 I remember days when CQ WW contest is runned by two directors K3EST and N6AR and there is no problem they are both answering mails and was friendly 
 Of course I can say like many other that Bob K3EST is enemy of contesting but on the same time if you look on the subject you need to understand why Bob is change,why he is not answering on e-mails,why he is make decisions not care about opinion of contest community and memebers of the contest committee,why he make situation when ever cheaters have advantage because even if he will put in the log calls from callbook maximum problem he can have is that he will dont see his call in the final results,why no one is care about activity from rare countries its going down because no certificates no results etc etc 
 I dont know about what people is worry about 
 Do you believe if you will complain Bob K3EST will reduce your points or what?
 I offer many time help to the CQ and CQWW CC but its not accepted and I think main reason is that Bob K3EST (not CQ) like to keep the contest like own empair and for that we are all responsible 
 We responsible because we accept that rules and quired 
 Usually Im receiving plenty of e-mails complaining but very seldom people  is doing that openly
 People is unhappy what Bob is do and organizing own contests and what we getting now every weekend there is several contests and DXers really have great difficulties to enjoy hobby I dont think that way we support contesting 
 When do you see Bob K3EST write something in contest reflector 
 Im sure long time ago
 How often he answering your mails? 
 Ok some people say the problem is that people is very limited in time 
 You know Im getting very often proposals to get into some clubs,associations and etc etc but I dont accept them with only reason THAT I DONT HAVE TIME 
 If someone dont have time to do what he have to do why he take that job then? 
 I speak with many contesters about that and Im allways say that contesting is build by contesters for contesters 
 People is say that activity in CQ WW is coming up thats true not in all directions but true anyway but what CQ WW CC do for that?
 Do you see anytime invitations from committee to parcipicate in contest or what ?
 I think we need fresh blood in contesting and CQ WW director dont have to be one person and also possibly need to be change between members of the committee 
 There is many many other things well known by all of you and I dont think I need to repeat that again 
 Lets stop to look for enemy and make contesting more friendly and CQ WW CC more flexible and more caring about fair play 
       Im sorry my bad English dont giving me chance to describe things better propably 
                 73      GOD BLESS YOU 
                                                            Al 4L5A ex D4B,UF6FFF ....... 

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