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>Alexander Teimurazov
> I think we need fresh blood in contesting and CQ WW director 
>dont have to be one person and also possibly need to be change 
>between members of the committee  
>       Im sorry my bad English dont giving me chance to 
>describe things better propably 
>                 73      GOD BLESS YOU
>                                                            Al 
>4L5A ex D4B,UF6FFF ....... 

At least I could read what Al wrote.
My mothe tongue is not English.

My two cents (euro cents, that is):
The contest of the contests is coming.

The CQWW cannot be changed.
We have WAE that is now one of the front runners, admitting we are not
using AM anymore. 813 tubes are long gone.

The operating has been made easier.
We do not only have pencils that need no sharpening but we have

Soliciting of QSOs on band.
One signal.
One operator.
Choosing the information flow: do you follow the spots or do you dig the
mults and QSOs from the band.

There are the cornerstones for the house of the single operator.

Maybe we will see a time when the CQWW is no longer the biggest contest.
CQ WPX can have it's shot.
WPX tried the tribander-single element category amongst some other

That is the way to go.
Accept there is evolution beyond the current CQWW rules and practices.
Meet the challenge.

Darwinism of the contests will be.
The weaker contests will slowly go with QSB of participant counter end

Jukka OH6LI

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