[CQ-Contest] MP Key Click Mod - Need Help

Joe Staples w5asp at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 16 16:03:16 EDT 2005

I need some advice ...

I am installing the INRAD key click mod in my FT-1000MP.  I removed the RF board to attach the capacitor.  I have reinstallled the board and all connectors.  However there is a (white) ribbon cable which attaches to a black ribbon cable connector on the left side of the RF board (just below the other two multi-wire connectors). It is labled "TO CNTRL".

When I intially removed this cable from the board the was tension on the cable from the connector. However when I reinsert the ribbon cable into the connector there is no force required (i.e. zero insertion force) BUT once inserted the cable remains "loose' in the connector and will pop out at the slightest touch.  I've tried a using a definite downward force on the ribbon cable thinking that it might trigger a "clamping" action to retain the cable.  l've also carefully examined the connector itself looking for some sort of "locking" feature with no luck.

Obviously I'm missing some either very simple or quite unique.  

Joe, W5ASP

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