[CQ-Contest] 2x1 calls for contesters in Canada

K3BU@aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Tue Oct 18 23:23:56 EDT 2005

Good progress!

I wonder if the calls once assigned will be reserved for the same station, or 
reissued as paid for?

The big problem with single letter suffix calls is that it messes up the 
QSLing and identification of who is who, if they are issued just for one occasion. 
Messy and reluctance of using them in US by contesters.

The best system would be to assign single letter suffix permanently to 
contest station, based on say 5 years of top scoring in international contests. 
Either as replacement for old callsign, or as special call used only in contests. 
Some "developing" countries do that. We are so sophisticated that our big 
governments can't understand that. There are enough combinations to cover serious 
contesters and it eliminates problems of where does QSL for this QSO go this 
year. Maybe someday!

Yuri, K3BU.us
ex VA1A, VC1A

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