[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB & VE7FO's Newbies

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 19 03:58:30 EDT 2005

My Club has a new Basic Licence class running with 30 participants.  I 
hope to get 20 of them to show up for my contester training session 
during CQWW.

I'm in the process of writing up a little blurb for them and want to put 
something in there about how many participants there were in CQWW SSB 
last year.  I counted the logs submitted and came up with around 4200.  
Obviously, there are more participants than log submitters.

Anybody have a rough idea of how many participants there might have been 
in 2004?

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

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