[CQ-Contest] TF4M - CQ WW CW Contest Team

Thorvaldur Stefansson, TF4M tf4m at simnet.is
Sat Oct 22 07:49:13 EDT 2005

A team of TF ops is going to be operating TF4M as Multi-Two during the 
2005 CQ WW CW contest at the end of next month. In addition to TF4M the 
team currently consists of TF3YH, TF3DC and three more TF operators.

As we think there is room for an additional op or two, we decided to 
check if there would be any response to this posting.

The operation will be a serious effort for this category.

TF4M is located in Iceland's Western Fjords, close to Bildudalur 
airport. During weekdays there are daily flights to and from Reykjavik. 
The flight takes about 40 minutes. Driving by car takes about 6 hours 
from Reykjavik. The Western Fjords are about 200 km North of Reykjavik.

TF4M's antennas consist of three Rhombics beaming towards JA (switchable 
front to back), USA and EU.

In addition there will be large V-Beam wire antennas for 160m and 80m 
and possibly single band Delta Loops in place for 160m and 80m before 
the contest.

The Rhombics are efficient antennas for 40-10m. The station consists of 
two FT-1000MP Mark V transceivers exciting Emtron DX-2SP and DX-3 linear 
amplifiers at 1KW RF Output.

Further info on the setup on QRZ.COM.  The station software is TR Log.

Interested op's please email directly to Thor, TF4M at tf4m at simnet.is 
before the end of October.


Thor, TF4M

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