[CQ-Contest] JA8RWU M/S on CQWWSSB

Akira Asai ycn97217 at biglobe.ne.jp
Sat Oct 22 07:34:57 EDT 2005

Hi all,
We, JA8RWU will be on CQWWSSB as M/S by JA8RWU,JH8SLS and JR8VSE.

On 75m pse check JA-windows 3749-3754 and 3793-3805.
Our sunrise/sunset is 21:04/07:29 

The station;

If you need JA/Zone25 and can have a sked,
pse e-mail me JA8RWU at yahoo.co.jp

MNI TNX in advance.

73---Akira, JA8RWU, KH2V, 8N8HQ for 2005IARU and etc.

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