[CQ-Contest] Webcams -- CQWW SSB

K7ZO (Scott Tuthill) k7zo at cableone.net
Sun Oct 23 11:04:48 EDT 2005

Last week I sent a note out to see who would be running webcams during next
weekend's CQWW SSB. Here is the list as of 1500 UTC the 23rd that I

DF0CG:    www.df0cg.de or www.contesting.de
K1TTT:    www.k1ttt.net/webcam
KH6GMP:   home.hawaii.rr.com/kh6gmp
NK7U:     www.nk7u.com (Look for the Webcam link on the top border.)

If anyone knows of another webcam link let me know and I will repost this

I also asked questions of both those that put up the webcams and those that
view the webcams as to "why" do you do it. The answers I received were:

Why do you put up the webcam?
The replies received were as follows:

* "I thought that it could be interesting for other people to see what's
going on at a station during contest"
* "For me, it is a part of public relations und a part of 'just for fun'".
* "just for the fun and cuz i can   (or hope I can)"
* "for "the fun of it and because 'I can'" It might be nice if someone
learned something, but you can't see all that much that would be real useful
other than just to see what bands are active. Score updates in real time.

Why do you view the webcam?
I actually only had one reply to this question which I find a bit odd. If
anyone has any input I would still be interested in getting it. Or, maybe
contesters don't view these things and it is only friends and family? They
reply I received was:

* [Nothing really in particular -- it is just kind of fun to peak in on
others to pass the time between QSOs.] That's about the right here; more so
if I'm not actually making any q's but just tuning the bands out of
interest.  We don't have a big culture of station builders/MM operations in
this country, so it's interesting to peek in on others. Additions like
rolling score on K1TTT's site have added to the interest.

Thanks for the replies. If anyone has anything more to offer let me know.

k7zo at cableone.net

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