[CQ-Contest] CQ Zone(s) -16&17

Art RX9TX rx9tx at qrz.ru
Sun Oct 23 21:31:02 EDT 2005

 Hello Ural,

 Willy forgot to mention that a part of UA9B is in "Europe" as well.

UR>    HI ALL,
UR>    not only UA9's (F, S/T, W & X) bigger parts of which are geographicaly
UR> in EUROPE, but also W4's,7's and 8's are a problem in high rate contest like
UR> CQWW is. Just think how much easier it would've been for many of us if we
UR> didn't have to strain our ears copying zones from a W7 or W8 or any other
UR> W that doesn't even indicate his call area with a /#! 
UR>    So, I suggest that the CQWW CC along with CQ mag. authorities do away
UR> with this very big problem ASAP!!! Make our life easier!
UR>    If seriously. I see no problem in this situation at all. More to it.
UR> If mentioned UA9's started giving the zones they belong to by WAZ defenitions
UR> (in other words started behaving themselves in compliance with the rules of
UR> the contest)it would give the contest a new twist an make it little more
UR> interesting, because then not just the US pileups required more skill but also
UR> a UA9 run.      
UR>    I'll see you all in the CQWW SSB on 40m from UA9AYA (Yes, from CQ zone 17).
UR>    73's & GL, Willy UA9BA

 73...Art RX9TX      24-Oct-05 01:29 UTC


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