[CQ-Contest] Rev #2 -- CQ WW SSB Webcams

K7ZO (Scott Tuthill) k7zo at cableone.net
Sun Oct 23 18:52:12 EDT 2005

Got a couple of corrections and additions to the note sent out earlier
today. As of 22:45 UTC on the 23rd of October here is the current list of
webcams that will be active during CQWW SSB.

DF0CG:    www.df0cg.de or www.contesting.de
K1TTT:    www.k1ttt.net/webcam (Will also have a realtime score display.)
KB1H:     www.qsl.net/kb1h/ (2 Cameras, look for the Webcam link in the left
KH6GMP:   http://home.hawaii.rr.com/kh6gmp or www.kh6gmp.com
NK7U:     www.nk7u.com (Look for the Webcam link in the top border. Will
have a realtime score display.)

If anyone knows of other webcam links let me know and I will repost this

I also want to clarify my wording in the earlier note. When I said: "I
actually only had one reply to this question which I find a bit odd" I was
referring to the fact I only had one reply. It was not an editorial on the
note itself, which was quite sensible. My apologies for any

k7zo at cableone.net

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