[CQ-Contest] Important Issues

Tony...RX9TL rx9tl at qrz.ru
Tue Oct 25 07:53:20 EDT 2005

Hi All!

<<<We need to come up with a plan to get kids interested in ham radio and
contesting.  >>>

I'm 18. I made my first QSO at RZ9SWP. Every September there are 15-20
childrens there. But stay only 3-4 persons. In my generations there were
RX9SN, RX9TC and me. RX9SN and me moved to Orenburg( We entered to Orenburg
state University), RX9TC moved to Samara. There are few guys at RZ9SWP

RX9SN and me joined to RZ9SWR team. The same here. Only few guys came this
year. My classmates never heard abt Amateur Radio! But they do like
PC/Chats/Games etc...

I hope, that Amateur Radio become more popular in the Future!

Best wishes, Tony...RX9TL      WWYC # 462

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