[CQ-Contest] Important Issues

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Tue Oct 25 14:30:21 EDT 2005

At 08:55 AM 10/25/2005, Bob Naumann - W5OV wrote:

>   What do we need to do to get the
>millions (that's right - millions) of on-line video gamers aware of ham
>radio contesting?


Do you *really* want millions of contesters on the air at the same time?

Given the choice between hobbies, ham radio or computers, most kids 
choose computers. Why?

1. No license needed.
2. Cheaper.
3. Far more people already participating.
4. More things to do.
5. No TVI.

I could go on, but you get the idea. When us old guys were young, 
radio was still something of a marvelous thing. Now, radio is 
everywhere and kids don't see any special magic in talking to someone 
through QRM/QRN when they can do it with a computer with a large S/N 
ratio, including voice.

I love ham radio, but if I were 14 now... I don't know.

73, Bill W6WRT

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