[CQ-Contest] Live audio not breaking the rules

hg6n hg6n at dx.hu
Wed Oct 26 05:39:38 EDT 2005

HG6N is also planning to supply live audio during the CQWW in M/2 category. This is not exactly "live", because streaming audio
needs some buffering. Our tests indicates, that about 10-30 sec delay occures from the real time to listening  "live" audio as a
I think it doesn't break the rules, because it isn't possible to complete the QSO listening the WEB, only check after the delay
time, how strong we were on HG6N !
I think, the same situation in K5ZD ...

Check online.hg6n.hu during the contest and 1-2 days before. You can leave message there.

The online web site is under  "last minute" contruction, there will be some modification in WEB design.

73 & DX  George ha6nd at dx.hu

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