[CQ-Contest] Listening to K5ZD audio

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Wed Oct 26 09:25:57 EDT 2005

In a message dated 10/26/05 1:11:58 PM Greenwich Standard Time, w0mu at w0mu.com 
Define use.  The remote station is not in control of the receiver and has no
knowledge of the frequency in use. 
Listening to K5ZD's audio is no different from listening to him on your 
second radio if you are a SO2R guy.  However, the source (Internet) is different, 
and that might make a difference

As for "breaking the rules"....nope.  Randy is in the clear.  Will it net him 
more QSO's.....I think it will.  How many.....I don't know.  However, when 
the competition is as tight at the top as it usually is, it could make a 

Bill K4XS

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