[CQ-Contest] logging & issues

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Wed Oct 26 20:16:36 EDT 2005

First UA9S/T & maybe W & now perhaps X?

Although K3EST has clarified things, the UA9S/Ts send what
they like & the participants now know that it really doesn't matter
what we log when we work that lot.

CQ WW is a callsign copying contest - although with the chance
to blow it by not logging the exchange properly & there remains
a problem here for anyone who has bought into CQ WW's logging
accuracy thing - say, what has become of the CQ WW Honor Roll,

I think I had a Z for a 1Z9 who insisted he was zone 31 or something
like that, so do I log what is sent for other stations I think probably
aren't really licensed even though I know better (whether it be due to
my still being able to remember these things or if I rely on a computer
to remind me)?

What would happen if I goofed & logged the "wrong" zone for a YU4?
Strictly speaking, I breach my license conditions to work a YU4 &
because that comes from ITU, everybody who works a YU4 has done
something that could be grounds for DQ - as well as make one wonder
what that declaration entrants make really means.

K1TTT's example of zone 22 VU is close to one I had once - a
KB5 in Hawaii who would neither sign /KH6 or give me something
close to something I could call an exchange & therefore log.
What to log in this case?

I log what is sent sometimes & the Q is declared -B & a penalty
thrown in to boot for working a station that CQ WW decides doesn't
exist, yet that station sends me a QSL for this or other contacts,
or the guy is someone I've known who comes out of the woodwork
to say hi.

What to log?  Questioning questionable -Bs tends to result in more
Us turning into -Bs & I still don't know what to do next time in order
to avoid taking a hit - other than not logging anything.  But if that
station is calling me, do I work him but not log him so that I can get
back to my run, because this potential detriment to my score
prevents me from working stations calling that are more likely to
contribute to my score?

CQ WW sets the standard for radiosporting events, though with
quirky things like removing all Us from WW RTTY logs - heck, at
least for SSB/CW we can see our UBNs.  It seems to me that it
isn't unreasonable for participants to expect to better understand
how various situations are looked upon during log checking.

So we know it doesn't matter what we log for the likes of RX9TX's
exchange (and one might go so far to say that if they can play
silly buggers with exchanges then why not log whatever we feel
for their calls? This should also result in no -B & no penalty like
wrong zone doesn't result in -Z & a penalty).  Would somebody
from CQ WW be so kind as to explain to us how they look at
other situations along these lines so that we don't have to second
guess you folks (at least CW & SSB)?

Thank you.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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