[CQ-Contest] Subject: [ct-user]

Filipe Lopes ct1ilt at mail.telepac.pt
Sat Oct 29 04:01:02 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I have been looking at my father's operation in CQWW SSB, he is trying SO2R 
for the 1st time but i have done it before, so i have noticed that when he 
transmits on radio A he listens to radio B which is OK but in CT shouldnt 
the band go to RADIO B band while transmiting on RADIO A, for example:

he is on 7099 on radio A  and listening on 14239 on radio B but in CT on 
shows 40m, should it change to 80m when he presses PTT ? I have tested SO2R 
before and this happened, so I donno what to do. any idea?

We have SO2R box from WX0B.

ir is frustrating to when copying a mult always change radio in PC to write 
the call.

73's Filipe CT1ILT

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