[CQ-Contest] The Perfect Contest

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Oct 29 00:35:10 EDT 2005

Jim, N3BB, had originally suggested:

 > 5. Some portion of the exchange always should include a serial number,

I've already commented on this, but after piddling around in the CQ WW SSB 
for a bit, it dawned on me that QSO rates do not have to drop by adding a 
serial number.  Rather, just get rid of the stinking bogus RS or RST in 
exchanges, because the last few hours confirmed what a total joke they 
are.  In fact, outright stupid.  Make that beyond stupid and a waste of 
on-air space.

Then I remembered the essence of my NCJ Article last year "Meaningful 
Contest Exchanges", so I'll plug the concept again for possible inclusion 
into The Perfect Contest.

As entry into many "sporting" events requires a contestant to register, 
make part of 'The Perfect Contest" exchange the sending and receiving of 
the entrants' reg number.  In today's computer age, this is a total no 
brainer...no different than setting up a password on a website and having 
it auto-emailed to you... a combination of alpha/numeic like:


A simple little PHP/MySQL website for registration will do the 
trick.  Every year the reg number will be different, so we can all throw 
away our pre-fill logger crutches!

Ohhh, gosh...maybe you noticed...this would also provide an challenging 
opportunity for increasing everyone's contesting skillset, especially in 
QRM :-)   Since the contest sponsor has the master list of entrant 
registration numbers, auto-log checking would be a no-brainer.

IMHO, 599, 5NN as well as Five-Nine/Fifty-Nine have outlived their 
UN-usefulness, and should be banned from the contesting world for 
perpetuity.  If I hear "E T T K" in the CQ WW CW, I'm think gonna scream 
(internally) again ... almost as loud as when I hear those LID DX stations 
making 15 QSOs without giving their callsign(s) ;-(


Rick, K6VVA

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