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You could always filter out the packet spots that you don't want...i.e. SSB.

Just because you can hear an European 40 over doesn't mean that everyone
else can.  Those using contest logging programs can easily filter out what
is needed and what is not.  Those of us in the west appreciate spots however
trivial you make think they are.

I spot common stations if they do not appear on my bandmap.  New blood on
the bands is valuable too.  

What exactly is meant by the flagrant use of US stations listening down on
40m?  It is ok for you and the rest of the world to listen up but we can't
listen down?  It sure would be nice to be able to operate in the same areas
of the bands as VE's.  

The RTTY crowd complains during CW contests, The CW crowd complains during
RTTY contests.  

I think it is great the hear the band being fully utilized from time to
time.  I would be for CW only sub bands if every other country would adhere.

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Two things bothered me about this weekend's CQWWDX SSB contest:

1.  The flagrant use by US stations listening down on 40M, Canadians between
7000 and 7050 and Europeans and South Americans using the bottom end of 40M
on SSB.

2.  The useless spots on packet for Europeans.  Packet was moving so fast,
most of the time, I couldn't keep up with all the crappy spots.  I, for one,
didn't need to see a spot for an overpowered European contest station that
was 40 over.  I won't name the offenders who did the spotting but I think
they should have known better.

I know that Canada, and perhaps many other countries, don't have sub bands
but enough is enough.  Granted, the bands are crowded but for goodness sake,
don't squeeze out those of us who like CW.

I read RX9TX's comment about sub bands in Russia and I have to say, I like
the idea.  We used to have something like that in Canada before the
government department responsible abdicated its responsibilities and dumbed
down the amateur service in this country.

There was a time when I didn't miss a contest but that's changed over time.
I spent a lot of time listening this weekend, even made a couple of QSOs,
and I really didn't like a lot of what I heard, especially on 40M.

Maybe my testosterone levels have diminished.


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