[CQ-Contest] An Observation

Brian Campbell VY2MGY at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 31 10:09:05 EST 2005

> Steve ZC4LI wrote:
> >  > Gentlemen, it came to my notice during the CQWW SSB Contest
> >>  that it would be a whole lot easier and quicker if everyone
> >>  used the correct phonetic alphabet and dropped the
> >  > ''Guatamalas,Londons and Japans''
> Yes but....
> I have serious problems with "Tango" in my callsign. On tough QSOs,
> it's  recognized as "Echo" at least 30% of the time. So then I have
> to repeat with Tokyo or Toronto - Tokyo seems to work best. Anyone
> else have that problem, or is it my poor enunciation of my native
> language?
> John, NT5C.

Steve and John 'et al'

I also am a big proponent of proper phonetics [ must be my Sigs training ],
BUT I have the same problem here. The "Mike" in my callsign is the one
letter that is miscopied more than 90% of the time when I sign using proper
phonetics. This last weekend in the CQWW it was the only letter miscopied
when I was signing " Mike Gulf Yankee " as opposed to " Mexico Gulf Yankee "
I think it has something to do with " Mike " being one syllable?? Or the
tone and pitch of my voice?? So while I may cringe a little by signing "
Mexico ", at least it is copied most, if not all of the time, usually on the
first call.

73 Brian

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