[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand Extravaganza X

lew lew at dsl-only.net
Mon Oct 31 20:51:07 EST 2005

Yes it's true! This December will see the tenth running of The Stew

Perry TopBand DX Extravaganza sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio 
Club. Anyone who has nocturnally wandered out into the TopBand 
hinterlands this fall has appreciated the serious improvement of 
propagation over the recent past. Even though The Boring Amateur Radio 
Club has been credited with the improved  conditions we can't take the 
credit for that. What we do take credit for is maintaining a contesting 
experience structured for fairness and fun. All plaques are the result 
of the contesters themselves sponsoring whatever plaques that they feel 
are important to take note of.
    As a result of the recent article in the National Contest Journal, 
penned by the Chairman of the publicity committee of The Boring Amateur 
Radio Club, we have sponsored categories for the 2005 edition filling up 
the mailbox already:
 KL7RA,  Rich                                                Highest 
number of QSO's
 N5IA,      Milt                                                Most 
Grid Squares worked
 K1PX,     Jim                                                 Top 
Score, Low Power, Europe
 K9DX,    John                                                Top Score 
Single Op, Hi-Power Europe
 W7TMT, Patrick                                            Top Score, 
Low Power from a first time entrant
 N9ADG,  Brian                                              Top Score, 
Multi-Op World
 N5ECT,   Doug                                              Best DX 
 WD5R,    Marlene                                          Top Score by 
contester  25 years old or less
 VK6VZ,  Steve                                               The VK5AX  
Small Backyard Memorial-Top Score  with an antenna in a space < 20m X 
10m. Winner gets a
coveted Royal Flying Doctor's Service of Australia hat.
    These plaques are sponsored by sending $50 to us at the address 
below and specifying what demonstration of contesting prowess shall be 
honored.  Only the most risqué or inappropriate categories will be 
declined. All judgments pertaining to plaque categories and  contest 
operations will be made by The Operations Committee of The Boring 
Amateur Radio Club and will be final.  The real information all about 
this fine competition and more, is found at:
    K1PX  operates the certificate program for this fine contest with 
excellent wallpaper awarded to certain Stations of the Deserving but 
that is included in the entry fee..which is free!
    So lean back, let those creative juices flow and let me know what 
category you'll be sponsoring for the Tenth running of  The Bulls of the 
TopBand. Then  send  us $50 and it'll all be square. If you don't wish 
to sponsor a category then please set aside the evening of Dec 17-18, 
2005 to compete for one of these beautiful plaques and to have a bunch 
of fun.
       73 and I remain,
      Lew   W7EW/W7AT
      Plaque Central, The Boring Amateur Radio Club

      Lew Sayre
      P.O.Box 3110
      Salem, Oregon  97302

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