[CQ-Contest] CQP Log submission

Kevin J. Rowett krowett at rowett.org
Mon Oct 31 23:40:38 EST 2005

HI Everyone,

We're extending the submission deadline for the California QSO Party 
to November 15th.

As many of you have noticed, we went to web page submission for logs.  
We've experienced some "technical problems" that have delayed our 
posting of claimed scores.  Hence,to make sure that correct and 
complete logs get submitted - I've extended the deadline.

If you haven't submitted your log yet - please prepare a cabrillo version 
of the log and go to to post your log - that's 
the fastest way to get your log into our log database.  

The confirmation process isn't automated - so, you won't see an
update on the claimed scores page till my day job slows down a bit.

Besides, having a deadline of Nov 1st interfered with Sweepstakes!

CQP was great this year - lots of QSOs and lots of fun.

n6rce at arrl.net

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