[CQ-Contest] Avoiding Emergency Traffic

R Johnson k1vu at tmlp.com
Fri Sep 2 22:03:08 EDT 2005

Hi Ward:

It might be helpful if you listed the frequencies OR the message that
you are referring to !!!

I for one have NO idea what you think we should do in this emergency.

Clarity & Brevity is needed in this emergency !!!

Bob, K1VU

At 12:24 9/2/2005, Ward Silver wrote:
>I will second W3UR's reminder to avoid the 20-meter emcomm nets and add a 
>reminder that emergency traffic nets on 40 and 75-meters are shown as 
>operating from the beginning of the General Class allocations to the upper 
>band edge.  This is going to make it difficult for General Class contesters 
>over the following weeks as emergency operations progress.  It's too early 
>to tell how long these frequencies will be occupied, but we should all be 
>extra careful to give them a wide berth if there is any ongoing activity 
>73, Ward N0AX 
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