[CQ-Contest] CQWW Multi-Single Rule

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FWIW, *this* is how I would interpret the M/S rules, too. And for the same


Ian, K5ZM

"See" you all from PJ2B! 

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> The MULTI in MS refers to the number of operators participating, and the
> in MS specifies the number of  simultaneous transmitters... Simple logic
> that it cannot be a SINGLE-transmitter class if more than one transmitter
is on
> simultaneously... You cannot have it both ways!
> The rule as written is crystal clear... It says that an MS station can
ignore the ten
> minute rule for BAND CHANGES if and only if the band change is to make a
> Q for a new multiplier... Nowhere does it waive the SINGLE-transmitter
rule, for
> if it did the station would now be in the multi-transmitter class...
> denny
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