[CQ-Contest] SSB Sprint Practice this Thu & Fri

Dean Wood n6de at comcast.net
Wed Sep 14 04:00:27 EDT 2005

The NCCC invites all of you to participate in this week's two SSB Sprint

Thursday, September 15, 7:30pm-8:00pm PST
[02:30Z-03Z Friday]

Friday, September 16, 7:30pm-8:00pm PST
[02:30Z-03Z Saturday]

Sprint rules:

NCCC Sprint SSB Practice suggested frequencies:
3830, 7210, 14250 kHz +/-

The above suggested NCCC Sprint SSB practice frequencies are all 
intentionally 15kHz below any Hurricane Katrina emergency net 
frequencies that have been broadcast on cq-contest and the ARRL web site 
(published as low as 14265, 7225, and 3845).  This gives us enough room 
if we happen to drift upward slightly, but still not interfere with 
these services, should they be active at that time.  In any case, when 
you QSY, please be mindful to not transmit over an existing QSO.

Helpful guides on how to operate a Sprint contest:
The Sprint Survival Web Page - http://web.jzap.com/n6tr/sprint.html
How to finish a Sprint QSO -

Sprint mini-contest practice sessions are great to:
*Try getting into the rhythm of a Sprint contest
*Reduce Sprint intimidation factor
*Test logging software and digital voice keyer
*Practice using 2 radios in a Sprint environment
*Practice keeping in mind to not transmit on top of any ongoing 
Hurricane Katrina traffic during the Saturday SSB Sprint

-Dean - N6DE

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