[CQ-Contest] Multi-single CQ WW rules

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Wed Sep 14 23:18:26 EDT 2005

At 06:12 AM 9/14/2005, Scott Robbins wrote:

>I'm playing devil's advocate, because I agree with the concept of using
>a second radio to hunt down mults in the CQ contests - it may have been
>the intent of the rule, but the rule as written is very ambiguous and
>needs to be clarified.
>Scott W4PA


I think Scott has it nailed correctly. Also, there is nothing I see in the 
rules to prevent a second RECEIVER being employed to hunt mults. It's just 
that when one is found, the one and only TRANSMITTER must be used to work 
the new mult, not a SECOND transmitter.

73, Bill W6WRT

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