[CQ-Contest] Multi-single CQ WW rules

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 09:12:59 EDT 2005

C. Multi-Operator (all band operation only):

1. Single Transmitter (MS): Only one transmitter and one band permitted
during any 10-minute period, defined as starting with the first logged
QSO on a band.  Exception: One-and only one-other band may be used
during any 10-minute period if-and only if-the station worked is a new
multiplier. Logs found in violation of the 10-minute rule will
automatically be reclassified as multi-multi.

Interesting...this is more complicated than you think.

I have to disagree with the interpretation of the rule -- as written. 

It says one transmitter and one band in any 10 minute period.  The
exception is for a band change, not a second transmitter or second
transmitted signal.  It says one --and only one-- other BAND (not other
TRANSMITTER) may be used.

Usual interpretation of multi-single (in any given contest) means one
transmitted signal at a time, period.  I read the rule as you can make
a band change, but with the generally understood ("single" part of
"multi-single") rule of never having two simultaneous signals
transmitted at any time while operating multi-single.  The 'trick' is
to use a second rig to work mults in between the first radio
transmissions -- right?   


What's secondly ambiguous is the term TRANSMITTER - that's not the same
as TRANSMITTED SIGNAL.  A TRANSMITTER is a physical piece of equipment,
a TRANSMITTED SIGNAL is a signal emanating from a transmitter.  The
rule says: one TRANSMITTER in any 10 minute period -- that's ONE RADIO
-- making the use of a second TRANSMITTER in the same 10 minute period
a violation of the rule, with or without a simultaneous second signal.

There are two issues:  TRANSMITTER vs. TRANSMITTED SIGNAL and whether
or not two simultaneous signals are allowed to be transmitted by an M/S
station desiring to work a mult on a second band. 

I understand the mult station concept in M/S - to allow other ops to be
hunting down and working mults in addition to having a run station. 
The  way the rule is presently worded makes anything other than having
the run station TRANSMITTER change to one and only one other band
during any 10 minute period not allowed.  No second TRANSMITTER
allowed.  No second simultaneous signal to be transmitted allowed.  No
second signal from a second transmitter allowed, period.  It says ONE
TRANSMITTER and ONE BAND in any 10 minute period with a BAND CHANGE
(not a TRANSMITTER change or a second signal transmitted) in that 10
minute period as an exception.  Seems pretty clear.

I'm playing devil's advocate, because I agree with the concept of using
a second radio to hunt down mults in the CQ contests - it may have been
the intent of the rule, but the rule as written is very ambiguous and
needs to be clarified. 

Scott W4PA

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