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Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Tue Sep 20 19:08:01 EDT 2005

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From: "K4RO Kirk Pickering" <k4ro at k4ro.net>

> Unfortunately, it's apparently OK to violate this rule,
> at least in phone SS. Last year, several stations reported 
> hearing the winning multi-op simultaneously on more than 
> one band. We could hear the other ops shouting out reports
> from other operating positions while we copied our own.
> They could also be heard on two receivers on two different
> bands simultaneously.  
> If they had a lock-out, it wasn't working properly. It may 
> have been a mistake, but it happened repeatedly. They were 
> not DQ'ed, and instead were rewarded with the winning trophy.
> I guess we'll have to configure for multi-multi this year
> if we want to compete in phone SS.

There should be no excuse for that, Kirk. It is very easy to 
build a PTT lockout that keeps multiple rigs from transmitting 
simultaneously, provided that the operators stay honest and 
don't use the "MOX" button on their rigs to override it (this 
problem can be overcome if MIC audio is routed through
the lockout along with PTT). Built-in voice keyers can be 
a problem as well (the voice keyer in the Kenwood 
TS-950SDX for instance will ignore the open PTT line if the 
VOX function is turned on). This happened at a few of the 
SS phone multi-singles that I was involved with, but hands 
were quickly slapped as we were committed to keeping it 

Multiplexing the activities of the two (or more) transmitters
in the SS without sacrificing the rate on the run station is a 
real challenge and part of the fun of the multi-single category
(it requires real teamwork between the run operator and
the multiplier hunters). There is no skill or teamwork 
required when you cheat by transmitting on two-bands 
simultaneously. I am really disappointed to hear that people
are breaking this rule so brazenly. 

73 de Mike, W4EF (sometimes phone SS operator at W6UE)

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