[CQ-Contest] [YCCC] lotw eye opener!

Randy Thompson k5zd at charter.net
Wed Sep 21 19:35:43 EDT 2005

I went through this same confusion.  You keep thinking it is going to ask
and it never does.

You apply for the 5 bands worth of 5BDXCC, then send an email to the lotw
admin asking them for the 5BDXCC award and plaque.  They charge your credit
card another $40 and you get one 4 weeks later.  

Seems it should be easier and more clear, but it isn't.  But then again,
haven't been that many people do it yet.


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> What do you know, got 100 countries on 80m now on lotw... 
> makes 5 bands, phone, cw, mixed.  Ok, maybe now I should 
> apply for dxcc, never bothered with it before, just hate 
> sorting cards and all that crud.  So go through the web 
> application process, first I don't see a way to order a 
> 5bdxcc plaque... so ok, maybe I can get that later.. on to checkout.
> $136.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> with no paper or plaque to show for it?!?!?!
> if I get the certificates it goes up to:
> $206.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> well, maybe I'll just continue to ignore dxcc and collect 
> more contest wood and paper.
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