[CQ-Contest] Ca QSO Sad :(

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Thanks ron!


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Sorry to hear about this, but there's a simple solution.

Wait one week.  Then operate in the 48th Annual PENNSYLVANIA QSO Party.

KP4 IS a multiplier in PaQP, and it's always a tough one to work (more due
to minimal activity than anything!)

If you need more info, including rules, entry forms, history etc., they can
be found at http://www.nittany-arc.net/paqso.html.

Hope to work you during the contest; I'm going to be at one of my club's
three Multi/Multi stations (either N3SH in Mercer County, WA3SH in Fayette
County, or W4ZE in Washington County) -- don't know which one yet as there
are some non-radio factors involved (family and work related!)

73, ron wn3vaw

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> Guys,
> Today I made the decision of operating the CA qso party, that all my
> seem to like so much and guess what I found out?
> Puerto Rico is not a mult for Californians! But KL7 , KH6 are.. also
> VE and all its provinces count..
> Was that done purposely because of ke3q has been giving you guys such a
> headache on SS?
> Hi Hi... I'm sure the rules are older than Rich's stints.
> I just feel like a second rate citizen.... Happy CQP :(
> 73's
> Felipe
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