[CQ-Contest] Ca QSO Sad :(

Wed Sep 28 18:10:12 EDT 2005

California QSO party has 2 really bad rules: The first one being the requirement for CA stations to copy counties in CA when they don't count for points for CA stations. The second is the rule about KP4 and other similar US entities.
I think someone needs to sit down with NCCC and explain the facts of  life (birds-n-bees) to them and if that doesn't work then everyone do what I'm going to do, watch football all weekend.
Yes it  is their contest and they make the rules,,,, but if no one shows up then maybe they will get the message and modify the rules.

MAL         N7MAL
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia
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  Sorry to hear about this, but there's a simple solution.

  Wait one week.  Then operate in the 48th Annual PENNSYLVANIA QSO Party.

  KP4 IS a multiplier in PaQP, and it's always a tough one to work (more due
  to minimal activity than anything!)

  If you need more info, including rules, entry forms, history etc., they can
  be found at http://www.nittany-arc.net/paqso.html.

  Hope to work you during the contest; I'm going to be at one of my club's
  three Multi/Multi stations (either N3SH in Mercer County, WA3SH in Fayette
  County, or W4ZE in Washington County) -- don't know which one yet as there
  are some non-radio factors involved (family and work related!)

  73, ron wn3vaw

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  > Guys,
  > Today I made the decision of operating the CA qso party, that all my
  > seem to like so much and guess what I found out?
  > Puerto Rico is not a mult for Californians! But KL7 , KH6 are.. also
  > VE and all its provinces count..
  > Was that done purposely because of ke3q has been giving you guys such a
  > headache on SS?
  > Hi Hi... I'm sure the rules are older than Rich's stints.
  > I just feel like a second rate citizen.... Happy CQP :(
  > 73's
  > Felipe
  > NP4Z/KP3Z
  > ------------------------------

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