[CQ-Contest] Ca QSO Sad :(

Seifert Msgt James E james.seifert at usmc.mil
Thu Sep 29 17:25:30 EDT 2005

I would also speculate that since there are 58 counties in CA and that is the number of multipliers for out of state hams, then they try to make that exact same amount of multipliers for in state hams.  We have the 50 US states (including KL7 and KH6) and consolidate some of VE for 8 more mults.  But then again what the heck do I know.  I hope to see all of you this weekend.  I will be operating phone and CW (yikes...agn agn).

73, Jim


Today I made the decision of operating the CA qso party, that all my friends
seem to like so much and guess what I found out?
Puerto Rico is not a mult for Californians! But KL7 , KH6 are.. also 
VE and all its provinces count..

Was that done purposely because of ke3q has been giving you guys such a
headache on SS?

Hi Hi... I'm sure the rules are older than Rich's stints.
I just feel like a second rate citizen.... Happy CQP :(


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