[CQ-Contest] Oregon QSO Party May 7th now 7QP

Dick Frey - K4XU k4xu at arrl.net
Thu Apr 27 22:20:04 EDT 2006

Hi Denis,
Glad you found a good seat for the 7QP.
We didn't get the 2el 80m up at WS7N last week. will have to wait. He 
did get the 160V up so look for N7LE from Deschutes County on all bands.
All the OR counties are covered though the contest experience level of a 
few of the ops is a bit weak and will be ssb only. It will be possible 
to work all 36 Oregon counties. We're still a bit weak in Idaho, but the 
others look very good. See the list of operations. 
I will be publishing my mobile route with times and frequencies on the 
web site later next week.
Answers to your questions below.
Dick, k4xu     Oregon 7QP captain
possibly as W7ESU mobile

p d wrote:

> Dick,
> Unfortunately we (WA7HP) won't be able to cover any Oregon counties 
> for the upcoming 7QP. I plan on joining Brad and possibly others at 
> K7ZSD.
> I have a few questions regarding the rules.
> The rules state: "7th area stations multiply QSO points by states (50) 
> plus provinces (13)."
> 1. Does this mean that DX countries don't count as multipliers?

Yes - it's just like CQP. DX QSOs count same as domestic QSOs but no mults.

> 2. If they do, is it a DXCC country per band?


> 3. If countries count, do US and Canada count as country multipliers?
> 4. If countries count, do Alaska and Hawaii count as states AND 
> countries?
> 5. Just to make sure, 7th area counties do not count as multipliers 
> for other 7th call area stations, is that correct?

Yes, just like in CQP. The idea is to promote working mults rather than 
local county hunting. There's no penalty for working our W7 counties, 
just no mults past the state.

> Thank you for organizing the event and looking forward to participating.
> 73, Denis - K7GK
> P.S. Do you think it might be useful to forward the answers to 
> CQ-Contest in case others are wondering about these things?

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