[CQ-Contest] SO2R Technique

Randy Thompson k5zd at charter.net
Tue Aug 8 22:10:08 EDT 2006

But... in the example below, is AA4GHI obligated to give the frequency up
when NA2DEF returns?!


> W3WN said:
> ...and one thing to consider, something that I see every year 
> in many of the smaller/regiional contests (such as the PA QSO 
> Party) is this situation -- which solves the problem pretty 
> neatly, IMHO (YMMV):
> -- AA1ABC from NA2DEF, you're 59
> -- QSL the 59, you're also 59.  Hey, can we work you on 28.495?
> -- Sure, be there in a moment.  AA4GHI from NA2DEF, still there?
> -- Yes!  You're 59 here.
> -- You're also 59.  Hey, I need to go to 28.495 for a few 
> minutes, want to run the frequency until I'm back?
> In this scenario, everyone knows that NA2DEF will be right 
> back, the frequency is not left temporarily vacated, AA4GHI 
> gets a few minutes to switch from S&P to Run & make some more 
> Q's... no hassles, no problems, everyone wins.
> 73, ron w3wn

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