[CQ-Contest] /QRP, /QRO

James Duffey JamesDuffey at comcast.net
Mon Aug 14 20:58:23 EDT 2006

Mike - Thanks for your reply -

"I suppose this discussion is all fine and good but how many of the
"/QRP" sending types do you figure are reading postings on CQ-Contest?"

There are probably more than you think. Lots of new contesters are shy 
and just lurk. QRPers are shy by nature.
Most of us who contest with QRP try to get the message not to sign /QRP 
out to those who don't do it much. WE subscribe here and often relay 
the displeasure that the list has with /QRP.

But the real solution is to get QRP contesters involved in contesting 
at the local level. They learn fast what to do and what not to do. - 
Dr. Megacycle KK6MC/5

James Duffey KK6MC/5
Cedar Crest NM 87008

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