[CQ-Contest] ZERO points

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x at kr6x.com
Fri Dec 22 11:49:33 EST 2006

I can't believe how far this thread has gotten away from reality.  You're 
bent over the key at midnight in your embattled hilltop radio shack, you 
emit a mad laugh, corona is flashing from the tips of your 15 meter yagi --  
"didididah dididah dididahdahdah ..." -- and the angry mob begins its ascent 
up the steep trail to surround your walls.  Faithful Igor lights the fires 
under immense cauldrons of oil.  Are you "assisted" or "multiop"?

Neither.  "Multiop" is about people operating radios, not about fixing lunch 
or plugging in the footswitch cable that was accidently kicked loose. 

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