[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2006 Sponsored Teams

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Wed Feb 1 10:54:23 EST 2006

I admire Oms, PY5EG since I got into contest world. It was not
because his beautiful baldhead or being a skillful competitor.
However, my deep admiration came from his integrity, friendship and
from the human been he is.

I do not meet Jim yet, at least face-to-face, but his attitudes, acts
and history put him side-by-side Oms in my opinion.

Ken, let Oms and WRTC Committee do the job. You all are welcome to
show up in Brazil and check the hard work they did. 

Brazilians hams are proud to host WRTC, and we trust Oms and WRTC
Committee the responsibility to turn it real.

Jim, will be a pleasure meet you at WRTC2006.

Best 73, Luc

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