Harry Flasher hflasher at dayton.net
Wed Feb 1 11:33:07 EST 2006

I am looking for a couple of operators to fill out a small group for 
this contest (plus before and after).  We have access to the site of 
previous J3A contest operations.  Stored at the site or nearby is just 
about everything needed but transceivers, computers, headsets and keyers 
for those wanting to do CW before and after.  I might add  'some 
assembly needed'.  We do hire some local help cost of which is estimated 
in the on island cost below.  The site is approximately a 10 minute 
drive from a nearby hotel.  The cost for a non J3 licensed spouse would 
be about $150 lower (no savings on room cost as below estimated on 
shared room).

As cost is generally of interest, for a six night stay (nights of March 
1 to 6) the costs on the island would run from $700 to 900.  It could 
even be lower, but much depends on how many participate, meal and 
beverage choices, etc.  Not included is local purchases of gifts and 
personal items.  Airfare and related travel costs are not included.

One can extend or shorten the stay.  I can give an idea of cost 
adjustment when discussed.

For anyone interested, I prefer to discuss by phone.  During MTWTF, I 
will not be home in the AM until 10 or 11AM.  Most of rest of the time 
(EST) I am normally available until 11 PM.  This evening (Wed.) I will 
be gone until about 9PM.  My home phone number is 937-434-9616.

73  Harry   AC8G  J37K and license holder of J3A

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