[CQ-Contest] Topband: New rules? (Was CQ 160 WW)

Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Wed Feb 1 14:19:42 EST 2006


Three or four times I started to CQ after a couple quick "?" and was 
answered by  something like "pse qsy - JA**** on freq".  So, I 
dit-dit'ed and QSY'ed.  If I was guilty of anything like Lee 
describes, its because no one 'splained and asked me to leave.  The 
point is, I think most regular Topbanders would do the same.  I also 
don't see anything wrong with noting the situation and the call 
involved and informing the guy via private e-mail if he didn't cooperate.

73 Ron KK9K

At 09:31 PM 1/31/2006, Lee K7TJR  wrote:
>Yes life is Cruel sometimes..  I was fortunate enough to be in the 
>NW where we can hear JA stations very well. I had allready worked 80 
>or 90 of them by CQing in "their window" when I began to hear the JA 
>stations calling someone else on the freq I was CQing on. The 
>distant station got louder and louder and there became a JA pile-up 
>on it. I decided to give up the freq and let them have it as it 
>seemed very desirable to all the JA's. No sooner had I quit sending 
>my CQ when along comes another Loud US station and starts his 
>barrage right on this freq..

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