[CQ-Contest] Working dupes

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed Feb 1 18:50:27 EST 2006

> Forgive my naive question, as I've not run into this situation before. 
> During the CQ160 this past weekend, I was hit with what I thought were way
> too many stations calling me some time after I thought I had worked them.  
> This is a result of their calling/working someone *very* close to me that
> I couldn't/didn't hear, while (unfortunately) being synchronized with me. 
> My question:  Should I assume the log checkers will deduct points for the
> initial NIL and then accept the good QSO?  
> If the answer is to the above is YES, it becomes the justification to
> just work 'em, even if you *think* they're dupes. 

If the QSO shows up in both logs at some point - there can't be any 
NIL deductions.  Essentially what the software has to do is count the
first "QSO" as the dupe.  

Some people - like N6RO - have gotten into the happen of sending the 
callsign of the station they are working when S&Ping.  I haven't started
doing this - but I really appreciate the confirmation when people do it
to me.

Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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